Glenn Dawson glenn at antimatter.net
Tue Oct 25 12:02:12 PDT 2005

At 11:52 AM 10/25/2005, eoghan wrote:
>I have followed the manual for setting up SWAT.
>I have checked my /etc/services and it has
>swat    901/tcp
>and I have commented in the line in /etc/inetd.conf
>swat    stream    tcp        nowait/400        root 
>/usr/local/ sbin/swat    swat

The path might be correct, but the extra space after /usr/local/ is 
going to cause trouble.


>my paths to my swat file is correct.
>I restarted too.
>But when I go to http://localhost:901 i just get a connection refused
>Samba is up and running.
>Im using freeBSD 5.3
>swat version 3.0.20
>Any things I should consider?
>Thank you
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