What packages can I deinstall?

Pat Maddox pergesu at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 11:24:27 PDT 2005

I've got a bunch of packages installed on my machine and I'd like to
know if I can deinstall any of them.  I know what a lot of them do,
and know what will happen if I deinstall them.  Others, I'm not really
sure.  For example I've got a package named cclient
(http://www.freshports.org/mail/cclient/) installed.  If I run
pkg_deinstall -n cclient, it says that it'd be removed without any
problems.  So evidently no other package is depending on
this...perhaps it's just an artifact from a package I installed a
while back but deinstalled?

Basically I'd like to clear out any unused packages.  Is it safe to
just run on pkg_deinstall -n on any package I don't recognize, and if
it isn't required as a dependency for another package go ahead and
delete it?


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