dlopen() causes libXcursor.so.1.0 "not found": libX11.so problem?

Rob spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 25 01:30:03 PDT 2005


I'm running 5-Stable.

I wonder if there is a problem with my xorg
libX11.so.6 library. I have recompiled the
xorg-libraries-6.8.2 port, but to no avail.

Here is the problem:

The math/graphics package xmgrace encounters a
serious problem, when it calls the ldopen()
 Shared object "libXcursor.so.1.0" not found

As a result, xmgrace does not work properly under
certain conditions.

The executable 'xmgrace' does not depend on any
'libXcursor' library, and 'locate libXcursor.so.1.0'

But xmgrace is linked against libX11.so.6 and when
I do 'strings /usr/X11R6/lib/libX11.so.6', there
is a line with "libXcursor.so.1.0.2"

Any idea why xmgrace's ldopen() call complains
about not finding libXcursor.so.1.0 ?
Is this indeed caused by a problem in libX11.so.6 ?

Any suggestions how I can further analyse this
problem ?


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