Sound driver

Teilhard Knight teilhk at
Sun Oct 23 09:32:29 PDT 2005

Mark Kane wrote:
> Teilhard Knight wrote:
>> Hello:
>> I have only compiled a kernel for FreeBSD for the series 4.x. I now
>> installed version 5.4, and I do not have sound. I am compiling my
>> custom kernel essentially to get sound. In the series 4.x the driver
>> "pcm" worked fine for me. My question is whether I should stick to
>> the same driver or I should use another driver in the 5.4 install.
>> Any feedback will be appreciated.
>> Teilhard.
> Hi. Check out:
> It's "device sound" in 5.x instead of "device pcm". Obviously then add
> in support for your specific sound card with the documentation
> provided there.
> Hope that helps.

It helped a lot. I issued the command "kldload sound" in my original kernel,
and loaded the module snd_ich. I have sound now when I click on "test sound"
in the sound section of the CC and on starting a KDE session.

Problem is, I only get sound through the right hand side and I get nothing
when trying to play a CD. Any ideas?


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