Sound driver

Mark Kane mark at
Sun Oct 23 08:59:48 PDT 2005

Teilhard Knight wrote:
> Mark Kane wrote:
>> Teilhard Knight wrote:
>>> Hello:
>>> I have only compiled a kernel for FreeBSD for the series 4.x. I now
>>> installed version 5.4, and I do not have sound. I am compiling my
>>> custom kernel essentially to get sound. In the series 4.x the driver
>>> "pcm" worked fine for me. My question is whether I should stick to
>>> the same driver or I should use another driver in the 5.4 install.
>>> Any feedback will be appreciated.
>>> Teilhard.
>> Hi. Check out:
>> It's "device sound" in 5.x instead of "device pcm". Obviously then add
>> in support for your specific sound card with the documentation
>> provided there.
>> Hope that helps. :)
> It helped a lot. I issued the command "kldload sound" in my original 
> kernel, and loaded the module snd_ich. I have sound now when I click on 
> "test sound" in the sound section of the CC and on starting a KDE session.
> Problem is, I only get sound through the right hand side and I get 
> nothing when trying to play a CD. Any ideas?
> Teilhard.

Glad you got it working. Now for the new issues:

I have not used KDE in a long time but I do know that their aRTs daemon 
takes over sound. Are there any settings showing the left and right 
channels that you can adjust? Maybe called "Balance"? You might also 
make sure that the connector on the actual sound card going to your 
speakers/headphones is plugged in all the way. I know if mine is only 
halfway in then I only hear one channel.

As for CD audio not playing, have you made sure that the audio connector 
is connected from your CD drive to your sound card? It could be that, or 
the mixer levels in aRTs are muted or not raised for CD's.


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