Bash Pattern Matching Syntax

Michał Masłowski mtmi at
Sun Oct 23 05:43:23 PDT 2005

> I want to list the files in a directory that end in ".jpg" irregardless
> of case.  Thus after reading the bash man page, it seems I should be
> able to issue a command something along the lines of "ls [*.[JjPpGg]]"
> or "ls *.[JjPpGg]" but neither of these work and return a "No such file
> or directory" message.  I've also tried various ways of  escaping the
> '*' and '." but that didn't help either.  However "ls *[JjPpGg]" does
> work by listing the files.  However I want to match the "." before "jpg"
> as well.  What is the correct syntax for what I'm trying to do?
> Thanks,
> Drew

ls *.{JPG,jpg}
ls *.{J,j}{P,p}{G,g}

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