Editor for C & C++ language

Frank Staals frankstaals at gmx.net
Sun Oct 23 01:58:55 PDT 2005

vittorio wrote:

>Working usually under kde I'm looking for something similar to the llc-win32 
>program under ms-windows - that is a development environment where you can 
>edit your c++ program, compile it, debug it step by step, and finally run it 
>in a suitable window.
>I tried the nice editor kate which allows to compile the file only. No 
>debugging, no running.
>Is  there anything of the kind of llc-win32?
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If you have an up to date system with at least 512MB ram I reccommend 
Eclipse with CDT as someone else allready mentioned. But a bit less 
system-resources-draining is anjuta, which works pretty nice. 
http://anjuta.sourceforge.net/ The anjuta 1 ( stable ) port is available 
in the portstree devel/anjuta . Their developement release ( 2.X ) isn't 
available in the portstree and should be manually installed.

-Frank Staals

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