Linux computability

Michael Christie michael at
Sat Oct 22 21:42:20 PDT 2005

Hi all,

Last night I was trying to work out how to get Linux programs to run 
under freebsd. I have worked out how to get Linux programs to run in 
side a jail under freebsd Linux computability.

1, install linux_base on to the host server, edit rc.conf  add 
2, make a jail using jail tools and or jail tools webmin.
3, add mounts from the host to the jail

add mount,
mount_nullfs /compat/ /usr/jails/myjailname/compat/
mount_linprocfs linprocfs /usr/jails/myjailname/compat/linux/proc

To Mount at boot time  edit /etc/fstab
 /compat /usr/jails/myjailname/compat             nullfs    rw  0  0
  linproc /usr/jails/myjailname/compat/linux/proc  linprocfs rw  0  0

4 edit rc.conf inside the jail  add  linux_enable="YES"

Now Linux programs run in side of the jail.



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