send-pr, how pr's are handled

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sat Oct 22 09:27:38 PDT 2005

Daniel Molina Wegener wrote:
>     I have sent a PR (yesterday) with a patch through send-pr,
> when I will realize if this one were accepted?

That depends on a lot of things.  Important patches often get considered in a 
day or two, ones that are big/complex/etc may take longer.  Security issues are 
also considered at a high priority.

It helps to CC: someone responsible for the thing being patched, if there is 
such a person.  In particular, patches sent to a port maintained by nobody can 
sit for weeks or even months.  :-)

If you're looking for additional insight, local conventions seem to suggest 
that one should wait a week after submitting a patch, and then ask about it 
mentioning the PR #.  This gives maintainers who are away on a business trip, 
vacation, or other aspects of RealJob/RealLife(tm) adequate time to review the PR.

If the PR sits for longer than 1 month, bring it up again as a maintainer 
timeout, if appropriate (ie, a PR about updating a port), or send a short email 
with the PR # and a description of the issue to one of the higher-level 
channels like releng, portmgr, etc.


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