cvsup, mirrors and data integrity

Andrew P. infofarmer at
Sat Oct 22 02:10:01 PDT 2005

So I have a cvsup mirror, set up with net/cvsup-mirror
port. It was ok until the server crashed (all my fault,
really) and fsck came up with all that soft-updates
related stuff and what not.

Anyway, cvsup-mirror seems to not have noticed
the crash at all, but some clients cvsupping from
this mirror report unexpected syntax errors
during buildworld. They cease to do so once
cvsupped from another mirror, but only if I remove
src completely before it. Cvsupping the broken
sources against the good ones doesn't find a
mistake at all.

My question is: what mechanisms do cvsup and
cvsupd have to deal with data corruption? I know
about the -s switch, but it doesn't help to disable
it in my situation. How do I repair broken sources
or repo, using a good cvsup repo. How do I prevent
this from happening again without disabling soft-

Andrew P.

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