Nagios Client on FreeBSD 5.4

Deepak Naidu deepak_nai at
Fri Oct 21 00:53:27 PDT 2005

Mike & Pete one question more, sorry dudes...

I have the Nagios server on Linux, Have installed nrpe
v2.0 on FreeBSD, when using check_nrpe from linux box,
I get CHECK_NRPE: Socket timeout after 10 seconds
error, theres no firewall, but when using chekc_nrpe
from FreeBSD to FreeBSD it works fine. ie chekcing
load, disk etc...

I run nrpe2 as daemon mode not using inetd or xinetd
allowed the hosts in my network ie 2.0

Any clue regarding the error, version issue is not
there, bcos both linux and freebsd use the same nrpe.

Thanx for any input.

Deepak Naidu.

--- Mike Woods <Mike at>

> pete wright wrote:
> >  You can also monitor disk load and activity via
> net-snmp. I use
> >  net-snmp to monitor large networks of
> heterogenous hardware and OS's
> >  (*BSD/Linux/IRIX/Solaris/etc..) along side
> nagios. Granted SNMP may
> >  not be a viable protocol to use on the public
> internet...
> Indeed, with all the security flaws found in snmp it
> makes it fine in a 
> controlled local network but for the internet it's
> almost asking for 
> trouble, I actualy use snmp to monitor a our PIX's,
> tis a shame the pix 
> gives out so little trafic information else id find
> far more use for it 
> in our nagios setup.
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