non-English character support

Alex Teslik alex at
Thu Oct 20 23:32:10 PDT 2005


    I have several files on my system that I have received from various
sources - French, German, and Italian. They have all flavors of accents and
umlauts. When I list these files in my Konsole, the filenames are all messed
up - but only on the non-English characters (I'm assuming the characters out
of the normal ASCII range?). In a non-X11 standard tty console, the characters
display fine. I have tried following the directions in the handbook here:

But with no results. My .cshrc settings are:

setenv  LANG       en_US.ISO8859-1
setenv  MM_CHARSET ISO-8859-1

I was also wondering why there is no en_US.UTF8 in /usr/share/locale? Any
guidence is much appreciated.

I am using FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE-p5.


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