xeon or Opteron

Sean rsh.lists at comcast.net
Thu Oct 20 16:53:16 PDT 2005

Miguel wrote:
> Hi, im my office we'll replace several DL380 Xeons at the end of the 
> year, i have been playing with serveral desktop using gentoo on amd 64, 
> great performance, several time faster than the pentiums, although we 
> prefer to use freebsd for the servers.  i was wondering what is the 
> current state of the opterons on freebsd, should i wait a little more or 
> is stable enough to run it  now?
> May be i should stay on i386?
> thanks
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I have a dual opteron here which I was originally running with amd64. 
However I have since moved over to i386 on this system.
Actually I just purchased another disk and installed the i386 version.
This way I can easily play with the amd64 version whenever I wish.

My main reason I moved was a few applications I use are not yet 
available on amd64, in particular openoffice.

I was having a few other minor annoyances I was unable to cure that have 
also vanished so moving over to i386. I run current on both versions.


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