panicking newbie with dj-plans

Linnea Forslund supermoccine at
Thu Oct 20 12:00:23 PDT 2005

Hello boys and girls!

I was introduced to freeBSD some time ago by a friend who then became
less of a friend since an argument we had shortly after he installed
the os on my computer and got me started with it. Since then I've only
used the computer for basic things like downloading music, downloading
more music, listening to music, drawing a bit and internetting.

And now I need to use it for amateur dj-ing on thursday. Panic! I dont
even know how to move files really and wouldn't know how to work with
an external harddrive with other people's music files on. And most
definitely I don't know if I can use and
how then to install it.

I'm starting to read all these newbie guides and I'm thinking of
getting a hold on some books, but I need some emergency help just for
now. Will someone help this confused and panicking youngster new to
unix as well as BSD? Pleeease.. ^^ (I hope this list is an ok place to
ask for help like this)


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