MiniDV over firewire howto

Mark Kane mark at
Thu Oct 20 09:01:03 PDT 2005

Igor Robul wrote:
> Erik Norgaard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have just discovered that Canon MiniDV series have different names 
>> in US which may explain why I haven't got much response on my previous 
>> posts on this.
>> I want to buy a camcorder and like the specs of Canon MiniDV's, I 
>> failed when trying MVX200 which is equivalent to the Elura 60 (well 
>> Elura some number).
>> Some cameras have both DV in and out, the one I tried only had DV out 
>> - can this explain why communication failed?
> I can't tell you about Canon camcoders, but I have Panasonic NV-GS25 and 
> I can transfer video with fwcontrol

I'm not sure about the lower end Canon models, but I have the Canon GL-2 
and fwcontrol captures the video just great.


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