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Wed Oct 19 18:39:54 PDT 2005

On Thursday 20 October 2005 00:14, Chris wrote:
> Sorry, sent to respondent instead of list, resending to list
> Michael C. Shultz wrote:
> > Setting BATCH=YES in /etc/make.conf will prevent those blue screens from
> > popping up.  I'm not sure if this is risky or not but BATCH=YES is a
> > permament fixture in my make.conf and haven't noticed any problems yet.
> Does that stop interactive ports being compiled or make them compile
> with defaults? bsd.ports.mk says that BATCH mode would make portupgrade
> 'skip all the important targets' but I'm not sure what that means.

Setting BATCH stops interactive ports being built, many ports also use BATCH 
as an indication that they should run with default settings, or  whatever is 
set in make.conf etc.  A few ports are genuinely interactive, e.g. they may 
have legal conditions that must be  agreed. Many more are conditionally 
interactive, they may set the IS_INTERACTIVE flag if they find inconsistent, 
or incomplete, configuration.

It would be nice if there were some way of running "make config-conditional" 
in just the ports that are out of date. The blue menu screens are a useful 
way of spotting new port options, and you lose that if you set BATCH.

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