newfs options for .75TB RAID 5 unit

darren david darren at
Wed Oct 19 11:13:06 PDT 2005

Matt Virus wrote:
> darren david wrote:
>> hey all-
>> in the somewhat pending case that i may not be able to retrieve my 
>> data from RAID 5 unit, I'm wondering what my best option is for 
>> blocksize on a .75TB RAID 5 volume. does the 64k RAID stripe size have 
>> any impact on these figures? It was previously set to the default( 
>> 16384 blocksize, 2048 fragment ) without any noticeable perf issues, 
>> but i'm just wondering if, well, size matters? ;)
>> thanks,
>> darren david
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> You shouldn't have any problems.  Read about tunefs if you wish, it may 
> help you.
> I have a 6x250gb array (1.25tb RAID5).  FBSD 5.2.1 refused to support a 
> filesystem larger than 1.0tb, so i chunked it into 2 partitions to get 
> around that problem and then I mounted them back using mount_nullfs so 
> it appears as though all dirs are on the same partition in a single 
> directory.  Not sure if the 1TB filesystem limit problem is unique to me 
> or not, but you will be fine with your .75tb no question.

Coolness. What was /your/ blocksize for your filesystem, and why did you 
choose it?


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