Imap-uw and openssl certificate

Frank Staals frankstaals at
Wed Oct 19 01:45:38 PDT 2005


I'm running an mailserver accessable with imap, to do so I followed this 
guide: . When 
I run 'make cert' in mail/imap-uw and I fill in the 'wizzard' it asks 
for a Common Name in which I enter the name of the server ( 
) the 'wizzard' also adds by default 'localhost' as CN:

Common Name (FQDN of your server) []:
Common Name (default) []: localhost

When I try to connect with my mail-client ( thunderbird ) it states that 
the mail-certificate doesn't match with the server I'm trying to access. 
When looking at the certificate in thunderbird it says "certificate for 
localhost" instead of "certificate for". I don't realy know 
how to change this, so I'm kind of stuck.

I hope someone can help me ? Thanks in advance

-Frank Staals

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