Has anyone ordered these FreeBSD case badges?

Olaf Greve o.greve at axis.nl
Wed Oct 19 00:50:34 PDT 2005


A while ago I ran across a site that offers very cool FreeBSD (and 
other) case badges. Yesterday I decided to order a badge, but to no 
avail. :(

when trying to do so, I got the following error:
Invalid Vendor ID: error
Please use the Return link, and try again.
If this problem persists, contact the administrator of the Web site 
where you are shopping."

I then tried contacting them from their contact page, and that only 
resulted in yet another .cgi error.

Finally, I simply sent an e-mail to info at case-badges.com, and they 
didn't meet their promised reply deadline of maximally 12 hours.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :(((

Now, I *LOVE* those FreeBSD daemon case badges and I wanted to order a 
batch of 25 ones with custom text. Furthermore, on the site they 
advertise with "free shipping in October 2005".

Does anyone have any experience with ordering from this place? Their 
site works really crappy (i.e. half of it doesn't work at all :( ), so 
I'm a bit hestitant to placing an order.

Also, when taking the prices into account I think I'll order a batch of 
25 badges with custom text, which I think I'll make out to be "FreeBSD 
inside". Now, at present I only have a direct 'need' for maximally 5 
case badges or so. Would there perhaps be some others on the list who 
would be interested in some of those badges with that text?

Finally: in case placing an order from the above site will not work out, 
does anyone know of any other good place to order such beastie case badges?


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