[FreeType2] Disabling the antialiasing

Jessica paganladyserena at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 13:29:50 PDT 2005

Documentation for FreeType2 does not explain the procedure to disable TrueType 
antialiasing.  Varus Online is rebuilding its website, and the new layout 
template places avatar images (image/png) over some dark areas of the page.  
The TrueType text is difficult to read as the avatar canvas is white.  Glyph 
hinting has been disabled, but had no effect on the antialiasing.  What must 
be done to disable the antialiasing in FreeType2?  If this issue is PHP 
related and not FreeType2 related, what options must the php5-extensions be 
recompiled with to disable the antialiasing on the text?  Note: the avatar 
base and avatar items (eyes, hair, clothes, toys, etc...) are not 
antialiased, the issue is just with the text.

Thank you,
Board Founder,
Varus Online

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