Can't see FreeBSD machine in Mac's Finder

Lee Capps lcapps at
Tue Oct 18 05:21:55 PDT 2005

At 03:30 Tue 18 Oct 2005, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> Right, but a lot of Mac files still use that awful resource/data fork
> thing
> that some idiot at Apple dreamed up and that isn't supported under NFS
> that I'm aware.

Oh, how I loathe those resource forks.  I've been experimenting
with these resource forks a lot lately (why? a long, boring, and
pitiful tale), and I'm happy to report that the Mac actually
_does_ seem to preserve the resource forks over NFS.  If I copy a
file called "file" with a resource fork over NFS to the file
server it also copies over a file called "._file" which seems to
contain all that nice metadata.

Still, I don't trust it.


Lee Capps
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