Changing the region code of DVD-Drive

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> >> On Mon, 17 Oct 2005 07:33, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> >> >      I don't think that region coding really matters for Unix.
> >> > But, just try mplayer since from what I remember it didn't
> >> > require region coding at all in order to play DVDs in Linux/*BSD.
> >
> >> Aren't DVD players(the hardware) region restricted thou? Does
> >> mplayer get around that?
> >
> >The firmware restriction only works in combination with the software.
> >
> >If you are making a DVD player and want a license to descramble CSS,
> >you have to sign that you also implement the user restrictions.
> >
> >If you descramble CSS without license (like mplayer does),
> >you don't have to.
> >
> However, most DVD rom manufacturers that I have seen go ahead and
> implement the user restrictions that the MPAA wants (ie: region codes)
> anyway, even on bare drives sold primariarly for data useage.

AFAIK all manufactures signed the agreement to get the CSS license.
I don't know one modern DVD drive, which doesn't support CSS.

But if the software doesn't play along, the user restrictions
don't work. 

If you watch DVDs with mplayer and transcode with mencoder
you don't have to care which restrictions your drive supports
in theory.

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