Can't see FreeBSD machine in Mac's Finder

Charles Howse chowse at
Mon Oct 17 08:49:28 PDT 2005

>      Not true. Mac OS X Tiger plays nicer with NFS than SMB for me,
> and I have little issues once I get past the initial pain in the arse
> parts. Besides, I get lowsy performance with SMB, which definitely
> made NFS a shoo-in.
>      What does your line look like that you're trying to export in
> your /etc/exports file on your freebsd box,

/backup  -alldirs    larry
(/backup is the root of a volume)
> trying to mount in finder, and what does the console say on your mac
> (applications -> utilities -> console) after you try and mount the
> share?

Remember, I *can* mount the share in the gui, I don't use the console to
mount the share.  
With Finder as the active application, I choose Go/Connect to Server, and
select - nfs://moe/backup.
Works like a charm.  I can read, write, navigate up or down.
It's just that 'moe' isn't visible in the Network pane of Finder.

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