Changing the region code of DVD-Drive

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Mon Oct 17 01:29:29 PDT 2005

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>"Alastair G. Hogge" <agh at> wrote:
>> On Mon, 17 Oct 2005 07:33, Garrett Cooper wrote:
>> >      I don't think that region coding really matters for Unix. But,
>> > just try mplayer since from what I remember it didn't require region
>> > coding at all in order to play DVDs in Linux/*BSD.
>> Aren't DVD players(the hardware) region restricted thou? Does mplayer
>> get around that?
>The firmware restriction only works in combination with the software.
>If you are making a DVD player and want a license to descramble CSS,
>you have to sign that you also implement the user restrictions.
>If you descramble CSS without license (like mplayer does),
>you don't have to.

However, most DVD rom manufacturers that I have seen go ahead and
implement the user restrictions that the MPAA wants (ie: region codes)
anyway, even on bare drives sold primariarly for data useage.


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