portupgrade -ar (why?)

Peter Matulis petermatulis at yahoo.ca
Sat Oct 15 18:47:20 PDT 2005

--- "Andrew P." <infofarmer at gmail.com> wrote:

> Honestly guys, what is this thread about?

Hum, understanding something?

> You're not gonna make portupgrade work any faster or
> smoother if you weed out a couple of switches from the
> command-line.

See above.

> I don't mean to bother anyone if you're
> having fun, but it just seems that portupgrade's manpage
> covers it all.

Ha, I knew a manpage guy would come around sooner or later.  Don't
you think I read it already?  I have questions it does not cover.

> If you're not sure - just try it. If something's
> strange - see if it's a bug, and if you're sure it is - send-pr.

I can use all the switches if I want.  The entire alphabet soup. 
But that won't help me understand what is happening.  I am not
satisfied with not "seeing something strange".


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