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Vulpes Velox v.velox at
Sat Oct 15 12:18:56 PDT 2005

On Wed, 12 Oct 2005 14:36:32 -0700
Gary Kline <kline at> wrote:

> 	This is to anybody with Gnome or KDE insights,
> 	First, both environments do work on my 400Mhz ThinkPad
> 	(with almost 300M/SDRAM).  KDE has a nicer feel for my
> tastes but the response in beyond crummy even with nearly all
> 	eye-candy.  Gnome has slightly better response, but still
> 	slow.
> 	Two questions: is there a way I can add "KSayIt" to run
> under Gnome?  Like, what file do I hand edit?  I'm rebuilding our
> 	own mozilla right now so the screen is very slow with KDE.
> I don't even know if KSayIt is there.
> 	Second question: as its default, firefox uses mplayer for 
> 	both real and windows audio streams.  Why and can I chance
> at least the Real Audio to use /usr/local/bin/realplay?  Both
> 	players sound terrible.  At least they play, but in windows 
> 	audio mode, the stream hiccups about every 1.5 seconds;
> when it plays in real mode, the audio is garbled;  it sounds like
> 	two or three people talking over one another.  ((If anybody
> 	know what's going n, please clue me in!!   ...but I think 
> 	this is just one of those cosmic mysteries....))
> 	Oh: I brought up linux-mozilla under Gnome, pointed 
> 	audio/x-pn-realaudio at realplay; it works except that the
> 	audio "quivers".  With ctwm, I can nice apps down; with 
> 	user-friendly window mangers, things are hidden away.
> 	Anyway. If anybody knows how to add other KDE apps to the
> 	default, and how I can fix firefox to point to realplay, 
> 	I would appreciate it.

BTW what version of FreeBSD are you running on it? Mine had problems
till a update done some time after 5.4. Had something to do with cpu
cx states, acpi, or something like that, that my audio worked nicely.
Previously it had to be on at cx 1 to work properly. It works
properly at others now.

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