Install FreeBSD, and put the disk in a other computer...

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Sat Oct 15 09:41:08 PDT 2005

> Except for system dependent kernel options, are there any thing that I 
> should be aware of?

The logical position of the drive in question might affect the boot
process (e.g., moving the system from a secondary slave position, with
another drive as secondary master, to another system where it is
primary master). Even then I believe there should be no problems
beyond the obvious /etc/fstab issues, though I have seen some weird
stuff happening on at least one machine (with some wacky Dell BIOS).

> And one other question, how does people backup a Maildir structure, 
> tar/gz and just move the fil away from the system?

tar.gz or just copy the directory structure (e.g, using rsync or
rdiff-backup). Part of the nice thing about Maildir is that this is
perfectly safe (part of the not-so-nice thing is that hundreds of
thousands of small files are not the most efficient to back up).

>  afterwards its just 
> hard to find the deleted mail cause the names in Maildir  are odd. I 
> havent found any good answers to this on google

What do you mean by deleted mail? I do not understand how deleted
mails are related to backing up the Maildir.

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