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Andrew P. infofarmer at
Sat Oct 15 01:33:33 PDT 2005

On 10/14/05, Mark Kane <mark at> wrote:
> Hi everyone. I have a co-worker who wants to get away from Windows as
> much as possible. I've told him about free and open source alternatives
> for everything else he needs to do, but contact management is something
> I'm having problems with.
> The good thing is he doesn't already have years of data in one format
> like ACT. I'm looking for a something comparable on the FreeBSD side to
> Maximizer, ACT, or Goldmine. Some key features he requires are:
> - Contact Manager
> - Keep track of every aspect of every contact. Things like call logs,
> letter logs, comments, to-do lists.
> - Reports of contacts. To do items, completed items, etc
> - Mail merge
> - Label Printing
> - Expense report. Hours spent on clients or projects.
> - Possible remote access so a couple associates could login and add
> things and look at things
> - Possible integration with an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird to
> file incoming mail by contact.
> He already owns the Maximizer 7 software for Windows but has not started
> to use it yet, so that's why I'm trying to get suggestions or input on
> what you all use for your contact management and sales software.
> Thanks very much in advance!
> -Mark
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If I were him, I'd wait for a web-based solution from
Google or some other vendor. I think we'll see a
beta within a couple of months.

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