Looking for recommendations for external USB2.0 tape backup

Gayn Winters gayn.winters at bristolsystems.com
Fri Oct 14 14:05:13 PDT 2005

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> Subject: Looking for recommendations for external USB2.0 tape backup
> My boss has asked me to try to find a tape-backup solution 
> for our largely 
> FreeBSD network of machines and I'm not having a lot of luck, 
> so I was hoping 
> for some enlightend pointers from the list.
> We need the following features:
>   20GB+ capacity
>   USB 2.0
>   External
>   < $600CDN
> Unfortunately, I've only been able to find two drives that fit our 
> requirements, one from Ceterance:
>   http://www.certance.com/products/travan/travan40/STT6401U2-SST
> the other from HP who claims that theirs only works with 
> HP-UX.  Does anyone 
> know if (a) either of those units play nice with FreeBSD?  or 
> (b) if there 
> are other tape backup solutions available?
> Thanks for any insight.

Have you considered an external USB2.0 hard drive?  I love my Maxtor One
Touch.  On nextag.com I see a 300GB for $218 USD at Newegg.  It may be
worth rethinking your backup and archiving strategies.  (I use removable
hard drives for archiving, but that's another story...)


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