Virtual Computer - Jail

Micah micahjon at
Fri Oct 14 08:34:18 PDT 2005

Niclas Zeising wrote:
> I was thinking about having some sort of virtual computer or operating 
> system to test stuff in. The point being that i can just to a rm -rf on 
> it and start over if i mess something upp really bad, all without 
> affecting my regular workstation. Is jail a good sulotion for this? Is 
> there any other sulotions?
> Sincerely
> //Niclas

You could always use qemu or bochs (many prefer the former).  One handy 
thing you could do is to keep a copy of a base HD image.  Instead of an 
rm -rf you could just erase the old HD image and make a new copy of the 
base image.


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