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Thu Oct 13 16:27:01 PDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-13 at 14:21 -0400, Robert Huff wrote:
        > Andrew P. writes:
        > >  > ===>  Installing for glib-2.6.6
        > >  > ===>   glib-2.6.6 depends on
        file: /usr/local/bin/perl5.8.7 - found
        > >  > ===>   glib-2.6.6 depends on executable: pkg-config -
        > >  > ===>   glib-2.6.6 depends on shared library: intl - found
        > >  > ===>   Generating temporary packing list
        > >  > ===>  Checking if devel/glib20 already installed
        > >  > ===>   An older version of devel/glib20 is already
        > >  > (glib-2.8.3)
        > >  >       You may wish to ``make deinstall'' and install this
        port again
        > >  >       by ``make reinstall'' to upgrade it properly.
        > >  >       If you really wish to overwrite the old port of
        > >  >       without deleting it first, set the variable
        > >  >       in your environment or the "make install" command
        > >  
        > >  I'd start with installing portupgrade, and trying to
        > >  portupgrade -arR. I'm sure there's another solution,
        > >  though.
        What good will portupgrade it do here?  Obviously I must not
        properly understand what its doing...but in the error message I
        have a newer version of the dependency than the port calls for
        and the port misidentifies this.  If there was a newer port of
        say 'pan' that had newer dependencies .. ie. the one's i already
        have than i'd be golden.  But why wouldn't cvsup'ing take care
        of that?  Like i're dealing with a newb here.  I am
        obviously missunderstanding something...
        >       Installing (and using) portupgrade is a good idea;
        > unfortunately, it will not stop you from getting bit by this
        > occasionally.
        >       My quick fix:
        >       pd /usr/ports/devel/glib20
        >       make deinstall
        >       make install
        >       <assuming in stall finished correctly> make distclean
        >       popd
        >       (Assumes *csh as the shell.)
        >                               Robert Huff
        Can we teach a man to fish here?  I with you until after
        'deinstall'. What does make distclean and popd do?  Googled a
        bit and got unsatisfactory answers. I am simply using the
        default shell.  This is how i got in trouble before...make
        deinstall and then make install clean of glib20.  Then gnome
        will be unable to start complaining of missing a
        file (that's not the exact name).  Since there was a new rc1 and
        i was just experimenting i blew the install away and went with
        the new.  I'm not too keen on doing that again...
        Thanks again,
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