freebsd has problems with bios

Kamal R. Prasad kamalp at
Thu Oct 13 00:40:04 PDT 2005

I was replying to both you and Andrew R. Andrew mentioned the hw may  
be unstable.
I did enter the same values provided by BIOS -but it doesn't solve  
the problem.
Most likely, the bios on my motherboard is not compaible with freebsd.


On 13-Oct-05, at 11:35 AM, Peter Clutton wrote:

>> The bios has 4 modes auto, large, lba, chs in which to access the
>> hard disk. I ttried all 4 modes and it  doesn't solve the problem.
> No, i didn't say to try different bios modes. I said (which fdisk also
> says) that you should:
> 1. Go into the bios, see what it reports as the CHS
> 2. Reboot  (i thought this part was a given to get back to Fdisk)
> 3. When you get up to the fdisk section, enter the CHS value given to
> you by the bios
>     using the g key, and writing it manually.

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