Geom Mirror/FS corruption problem

Barry Jeung bjeung at
Thu Oct 13 00:04:20 PDT 2005

Well I managed to create the problem myself, but I'm going to need some help 
to fix it, if it can be fixed.

Have a i386 5.4 box with a geom mirror. Been running fine for a few months. 
Determined to ruin BSD's reputation for stability, I removed 'swapoff=yes' 
from rc.conf. A few reboots later, I install the dovecot port, and notice 
that even though I changed one of the config files, it's still reading the 
default settings. Played with that and rebooted a few more times. Noticed 
clamav and mysql weren't starting at boot anymore. Clamav was complaining 
about permissions on the log files and the definition databases. Checked 
permissions, everything looked ok. chown clamav:clamav and chmod 777 out of 
frustration and still nothing. make deinstall on the port and deleted all 
remnants. make install, same problem. Seems my mirror is out of sync or 
something. Ran fsck -f a few times, no complaints. Forced a rebuild of the 
mirror overnite. Still having the same issues. Is this fixable or is it 
hosed? I'm leaning towards the later =/. TIA 

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