freebsd has problems with bios

Kamal R. Prasad kamalp at
Wed Oct 12 21:58:15 PDT 2005

I have verified integrity of the hard disk and this problem shows up  
on a new samsung 1604N hard disk too. It is a hard disk independet  

On 13-Oct-05, at 5:49 AM, Peter Clutton wrote:

>> For some reason, the values of hard disk geometry (cylinders/head/
>> sectors( are not accrptable to fdisk and when i agree to using
>> freebsd 's idea of disk geometryt, during sysinstall -I get an  
>> error:-0
>> UDMA_100 error:READWRITE Failure ICRC error.
> Usually fdsisk asks you to check what the bios reports as the CHS  
> and enter that
> manually, using the g option i believe. Have you tried this?
The bios has 4 modes auto, large, lba, chs in which to access the  
hard disk. I ttried all 4 modes and it  doesn't solve the problem.
> However as stated above, and looking at those errors, this may be a
> hardware problem.
The hardware is stable and I expect any hard disk to give the same  
error essentially because the interaction between bios and freebsd is  
the cause of the problem.


Kamal R. Prasad
UNIX systems consultant
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