ports and compile options

Peter Matulis petermatulis at yahoo.ca
Tue Oct 11 19:11:03 PDT 2005

--- Lowell Gilbert <freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org> wrote:

> Peter Matulis <petermatulis at yahoo.ca> writes:
> > I recently upgraded my ports and now my editor (bluefish) has lost its syntax highlighting.
> > Errors from within the editor mention pcre not being compiled with UTF8 support.  How do I
> > specify such compile options when installing by port?  I am using 5.4 stable.
> devel/pcre-utf8 instead of devel/pcre might do it.

That worked.  I installed the utf8 version and all is well.  I do not understand how I had
syntax highlighting with the standard version prior to upgrading though.  A side question is
whether I should remove the standard version since I now have both installed.


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