How often cvsup the ports?

martinko martinkov at
Mon Oct 10 12:29:54 PDT 2005

Colin Percival wrote:
> martinko wrote:
>>Colin Percival wrote:
>>>  portsnap -I cron update && pkg_version -vIL=
>>what is this "I" parameter to pkg_version supposed to be?
>>i don't seem to have it here on 5.4R.
> It's a new flag in 6.0R; it means "just use the INDEX, you stupid
> program".  ;-)
> Without that flag, pkg_version tries to be intelligent -- it will
> go into each port directory and run "/usr/bin/make -V PKGNAME" in
> order to work out exactly what version of the port is in the tree,
> and will only use the INDEX if that fails.
> Unfortunately, running make(1) repeatedly makes pkg_version about
> 50 times slower than if it just uses the INDEX file; so if you know
> that the INDEX is up to date (which will be the case if you use
> portsnap), the -I option makes pkg_version much faster.
> Colin Percival

many thanks for your explanation and many thanks for the new functionality!


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