unexplained system hangs - possible smbfs issue ??

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Sun Oct 9 22:33:35 PDT 2005

     Have you thought of looking into filing a bug report with the  
Samba people (http://www.samba.org/)? This may be an issue with  
either your client program, or the SMB implementation in Win2k3,  
which can be solved by getting the ball rolling with SMB and/or  
possibly MS.
     Either way, that is quite a few files to have to parse through,  
and although it may seem somewhat ludicrous, adding an additional  
script to presort out your minute reports would greatly reduce the  
amount of open-file records you need, and while that may not be a  
permanent solution it can serve as a better base for sorting your  
data. You could just create proper directories on the Win2k3 server,  
like %BASE_DIR%\Year\Day\Hour, if you get a large volume of files, or  
just strictly put them in a daily directory since it sounds like your  
volume is manageable. Plus, it's probably easier for humans to manage  
as opposed to 2000+ flat files in the same directory ;). Any SQL  
would handle this issue nicely as well since one of databases' best  
selling points is this type of application.

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