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Sun Oct 9 22:28:59 PDT 2005

On Sunday 09 October 2005 12:27, Alistair Sutton wrote:
> On 09/10/05, Michael Lednev <reaper at reaper.hn.org> wrote:
> > Hello, Alistair.
> >
> > that's another issue, currently portmanager from ports runs fine on
> > 6.0-current in interactive environment, but coredumps from cron or
> > something similar. the same behaviour on on 5.4-stable.
> Ah, my bad.
> I forgot that the version in ports is different from a development
> snapshot that I've been trying to get working. :-)
> Al
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The problem with running portmanager from cron is PATH isn't set
and the location of "make" for example isn't hardcoded throughout 
portmanager's source.  If anyone feels like fixing this it would be much 
appreciated, my plate is pretty full with a paying project so it may be 
awhile before I get around to making this sort of a fix but I'll be happy to 
assist someone else who wishes to take  on this project.


ps. please make sure my address is in the reply-to, the maillist does not
send replies to my own posts for some strange reason.

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