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Siriphan Brigder wrote:
> This page from the handbook will hopefully help you:
> le.html
> Good luck!
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> Subject: booting original kernel
> Hi
> I am using 4.1 BSD.
> Made few changes to the kernel and compiled it. When trying to reboot using
> the modified kernel, it throwed some page faults.
> So, i booted using the older config namely kernel.old.
> I again made few changes and recompiled the kernel with a new config.
> Now, trying to boot the kernel, it neither boots with the latest nor the
> older one.
> How do I boot with original configuration ??
> Regards
> Sudheer

 From the sounds of it, when you compiled your second kernel your 
kernel.old (the original generic kernel) was overwritten by your broken 
kernel leaving you with two broken kernels and no working kernels to 
boot from.  If that's what happened you either need to reinstall FreeBSD 
or boot the install/rescue cd and try to copy the generic kernel from it.

That handbook page has a lot of good information, but most of it is 
preventative.  The best suggestion is to always keep a working copy of 
the kernel seperate from the kernel.old that FreeBSD makes for you.


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