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Drew Tomlinson drew at
Sun Oct 9 14:57:04 PDT 2005

On 10/9/2005 2:18 AM Live-Wire wrote:

> I'm building a new box specifically do take care of a lot of things on 
> my home network; dns, qmail,
> apache, sftp, printer server, a fileserver, etc. Some of the services, 
> like apache, will also be exposed to
> the internet, but only for the use of friends and family. And most 
> important, I'm doing this all on the cheap -
> for less than$600 (and the less, the better). I was wondering what 
> sort of hardware setups people could
> recommend? Priceis the #1 consideration, followed by reliability, then 
> speed. But that doesn't mean
> I want to neglect the latter two- what sort of specs should I be 
> shooting for? What is necessary for the kind
> of activities I want to do.
> I'm hellbent on AMD, and the Sempron 3100+ (754) is looking pretty 
> sharp. I have a GeForce4 Ti 4600 lying
> around that I can stick in, but because I want to use 2 SATA 150 
> hardrives in RAID 1, finding an AGP 4X
> mobo with 754 and SATA w/ RAID 1 is neigh impossible. So it looks like 
> my best bet is to find
> a mobo with onboard gigabit ethernet, video, and sound (only the first 
> of which is important), but that still
> limits me apropos the 754 cpu and the SATA.
> So again, this is a nice opportunity to buy hardware specifically 
> tailored for what I am using it for - I have zero
> concern for expandability. What is the best fit? 

You're going way overboard for your requirements.  I'm running all of 
this and more on an old Pentium III 600mhz machine.  You can probably 
get the machine you need for free if you ask around.


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