NFS no longer works?

David Kirchner dpk at
Fri Oct 7 10:09:12 PDT 2005

On 10/7/05, Garrett Cooper <youshi10 at> wrote:
> No dice, but thanks for trying =).
> -Garrett

Some other questions then:

Is rpcbind running? Does it show mountd registered? Try "rpcinfo p" to
check. You should see something like:

    100005    1   udp   1022  mountd
    100005    3   udp   1022  mountd
    100005    1   tcp   1023  mountd
    100005    3   tcp   1023  mountd

along with others.

Is /store its own partition? mountd will only export filesystems. You
can NFS mount specific directories if you have the -alldirs flag in
/etc/exports, but you can't prevent them from NFS mounting other
directories. (You can, however, use permissions to prevent them from
viewing/writing to directories you don't want them to).

Try running mountd with the flags "-d -l". It will stay attached to
your terminal. Does it show the line being processed properly? Note
when you ^C this, it will still show up in rpcinfo -p .

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