Converting from IPFW to IPFILTER

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Fri Oct 7 06:01:08 PDT 2005

Mark Cullen wrote:
> Charles Swiger wrote:
[ ... ]
>> If you're going to switch to using IPF, you might want to consider  
>> upgrading or reinstalling the OS  to 5.4 instead of 4.11.
> Are there any particular reasons why you suggest switching from 4.11 to 
> 5.4 if going from IPFW to IPF? Because I have just converted from IPFW2 
> to IPF on 4.11-STABLE...
> I did notice that IPF appears to be a rather old version. 3.something, 
> where the latest version of IPF is 4.something. Is this the reason?

Sort of.  IPF was added to FreeBSD-5 and then backported ("MFC'ed") to the 
later 4.x releases.

I don't know of any specific problems with IPF under 4.11.  Because of the 
significant differences in SMP and locking between 4.x and 5.x some of the work 
and fixes done to improve using IPF and IPFW in combination may not be 
applicable to 4.x, nevertheless, I would recommend using IPF with 5.x given the 


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