Port perl 5.8.7 on FreeBSD 4.10

Vladimir Tsvetkov npacemo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 04:15:29 PDT 2005

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From: Vladimir Tsvetkov <npacemo at gmail.com>
Date: 2005-10-6 14:05
Subject: Re: Port perl 5.8.7 on FreeBSD 4.10
To: Olivier Nicole <on at cs.ait.ac.th>

> > Does this fix the problem?
> It does, now I have to figure out what is the problem in the library.
> Both machines have the same LD_LIBRARY_PATH...
> Thanks, I should be able to work it out now.

This happens to be a common problem.
You might want to look at:
There is an explanation for this problem and recommendations what is
the correct way to configure ld(1).

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