Stored hard drive failure?

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> If you're really serious (to borrow a phrase), you'll do backup to
> several different media and maybe different formats.  With RAID or
> backup to an always-powered second HDD, you can loose all of your
> disks if the case power supply or MB fails in certain ways.  (I know
> someone who lost a disk when the MB failed.)  Or if someone steals
> your computer or in a fire.  With removable HDD, you risk physical
> damage either from lack of use or shock.
> FYI, I kept a 45 GB IBM and a 80 GB Seagate drive in a outside storage
> shed which got hot, cold, and damp for 10 months and they work fine.
> I guess I've been lucky because I've had only one failure from about
> 15 lightly-used disks and have occasionally reused 5- to 10-year-old
> disks for short durations after years on the shelf.

Good feedback, thanks.

Yep, best laid plans can go off the beaten path.

~Mr. Anderson 

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