Sata drives and FBSD

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> Hi all,
> I have had an issue (as many others have) trying to get 
> STABLE, or even CURRENT running on a box with an ICH6R RAID
> After install (which appears to be successful), when I reboot it just
> sits there with a blinking cursor in the top left of the screen.
> I've tried this numerous times over the past couple months to no
> Today, I tried another box using a 200GB Sata drive w/o RAID, and the
> exact same thing happens.
> I've tried all manner of things to no avail. If someone can shed some
> light on this issue, I would most appreciate it.
> Tks,
> Steve

ICH6R isn't supported under 5.4, at least with hardware RAID.  You could
try the newest 6.0 stable.  See man ata.

On the other hand, I seem to recall getting ICH6R to run without RAID
under 5.4.  You might want to publish a dmesg.


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