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Is it possible to chroot into a fully functional linux environment on

Hi Antoine,

I don't know if this fully answers your question as I barely understand the 
chroot process myself. I wanted to install Coldfusion on FreeBSD (Ain't 
gonna work but I tried). First it complained about FreeBSD not being 
supported so I'm like yah so. But what next? I was putzing around someplace 
and found something that went in the lines like this

chroot /compat/linux/ /bin/bash

And to my surprise I was chrooted. I then re-ran the install process for 
Coldfusion and it didn't complain until the very end where it said can't 
find 'ps' and some other little gizmo (I think it was top). I was bummed 
because it seems that ps and top are not part of the linux emulation. 
Admittedly I'm using linux_base-rh-7.3. But anyway I was chrooted. One last 
thing in the path there is also a linux chroot. So my guess is that you 
could chroot with success but wont know until you use some application that 
requires some missing element, in my case 'ps' and 'top.'

Hope that helps.

~Mr. Anderson 

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