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Tue Oct 4 06:56:34 PDT 2005

> Dont you have do the passwd for the Toor ?

There is no password for toor unless you created one.
Toor is just an extra account name partially set up in case you 
wanted one.   It serves as sort of a template for creating a root 
account by hand.

Do as I suggest - look up the FAQ - specifically:
in case you can't figure it out.

Or look in the list archives.   It is mentioned many times.  I have
written it up several times and others have as well.

The specific FAQ is missing one piece of instruction, although it is
covered copiously in other parts,  it doesn't say how to get to that
boot prompt in the root password item.   So, to do that, boot the system
- CTRL-ALT-DEL  or  power cycle it if needed.   When it gets to the
countdown that says hit ENTER to boot immediately or any other key
for boot prompt, just hit the spacebar.   Then do the rest - 'type boot -s'
when it finishes type 'fsck -p', let it finish, type 'mount -u /'
and then 'mount -a' (and 'swapon -a' if you want) and then 'passwd root'
or if you had created another named root account like Rleo for example,

type 'passwd Rleo' and set the password.   You can even set a password
for the toor account if you like.   Then reboot with 'shudown -r now'/.
When it comes up, you should be able to log in to the account for which
you set the password.   You might also want to make a separate home 
directory for that account and choose a shell.   I put mine in /root/myROOT
if the account is myROOT.

Next time, check the archives and FAQ when suggested before arguing with 
the person responding to you question.


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> >> I lost all the pasword for root, admin, etc at FreeBsd 3 and I don't know 
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> >> to change it. and I can't access, anyone could assist me?
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> > This is a frequently ask question and will be in the archive many
> > times over.    Check out booting to single user.
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