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Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Mon Oct 3 06:57:10 PDT 2005

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"Efren Bravo" <efrenba at dhl.co.cu> writes:

> Hi,
> I have only one modem, my doubt is how and where ppp or pppd are started?
> The Handbook make references to scripts to manage them, but who launch
> those scripts?  
> I don't know if I make myself understand....
> Thanks for your time.......
> >Are you going to be running a high-volume dialin server?
> >If not, you might try using ppp(8) instead of pppd.  
> >It's easier to set up.
> > I don't realize how the pppd server start when the modem answer the phone.  
> >  
> > I've followed the step of the section 21.3.3 "Using pppd as a Server" of
> > the Handbook and I'm not sure what should I do because according to this
> > section I've to create a script and this script will tell pppd to behave
> > as a server but how this script will be executed?  
> >  
> > I hope you can help me

The documentation is very extensive, so you need to be more precise
about what part you are having trouble with.  

If you are using ppp(8), start by making sure you can get it started
from the command line; once that works, you can worry about startup
scripts to do so automatically.

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