can't install 5.4, won't recognize SCSI CD Rom

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Sun Oct 2 23:17:41 PDT 2005


Thanks in advance for any help of advice you might have:

I'm having a problem installing FreeBSD with a CD Rom disc.  I have a SCSI CD
Rom player.  It's not possible to configure my system to search for the boot
record from CD Rom.  Instead, I've been trying to start from the installation
floppies, then have FreeBSD use the installation media on the CD Rom for the
rest.  Unfortunately, FreeBSD can't see the installation media because it
doesn't recognize my CD Rom player.

>From what I understand, most of the time, FreeBSD will use it's default drivers
to recognize all hardware on a system.  In my case, the CD Rom isn't being
recognized (although the SCSI hard drive is recognized).

Each time I try to install, I'll get to the "installation menu" after cycling
through the 3 start floppies.  Since FreeBSD can't see the installation media,
my only choice at this point is to "install in Safe Mode".  All other choices
simply result in an automatic reboot.

>From reading about the installation, I gather that there is a way to "configure"
, or "reconfigure" the kernel to use only certain drivers during the initial
boot up.  However, I don't know how to get into that configuration menu. 
Otherwise, I believe I would be able to disable other unneeded drivers which
may be killing the driver that my CD Rom drive needs.

Any advice? or tips on how to get into the Kernel Configuration from Safe Mode?

Also, I'm trying to install on a i386 architecture, AMD 350Mhrtz chip, 128 MB
ram.  According to the hardware specs, my hardware is supported, as is my SCSI
card and software.  Please don't tell me to install using a different method. 
I've already tried others, with no success.  I'd like to solve the CD Rom

Jake Sanders

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