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At 02:00 PM 10/1/2005, =?ISO-8859-2?Q?Radek_V=E1lko?= wrote:
>I'm little bit new in FreeBSD and I would like to know more about 
>buildworld process. I really tryed to find this information but I 
>wasn't successful. My question is what everything is exactly build 
>during this process. For examle if I have minimal installation of 
>FREEBSD 5.2.1 and I will synchronize my source tree to 5-stable and 
>then do make buildworld what happend? Is the new system again only 
>minimal or full installation?

The build man page will give you info on what targets you can 
build.  Also, section 20 in the handbook gives details on updating 
your system from source.


>Best regards and thanks in advance for replay!
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